Egypt Chapel Baptist Church
Wednesday, October 21, 2020
Training To Touch The World And Impact Eternity


MUSIC MINISTRY                                        MEETING TIMES- 

Sanctuary Choir                                          Tuesday before the 1st and 3rd Sunday @ 7:00pm

Youth choir                                                Saturday before the 2nd Sunday @12:00pm

Women of Worship                                      Tuesday before the fifth Sunday @7:00 pm

Male Chorus                                               3rd and 4th Saturday @ 5:00pm        

USHER MINISTRY                                        Saturday before the 1st Sunday @ 9:00am                                                              

HOSPITALITY MINISTRY                               Saturday before the 1st Sunday @9:00am

EVANGELISM MINISTRY                               2nd Saturday @ 9:30 am 

ECBC SECURITY                                         n/a

YOUTH BASKETBALL                                    n/a

LITERACY MINISTRY                                   n/a

PASTOR'S AID                                           n/a

WOMENS' MINISTRY                                   n/a

MENS' MINISTRY                                       3rd and 4th Saturday @ 3:30pm

PREACHER'S MTG                                      3rd Saturday @ 2:30 pm

PRAYER MINISTRY                                      Wed. @ 7:00pm

BIBLE STUDY                                             Wed. @ 7:30pm and Thur Morn @10:00am

SUNDAY SCHOOL                                       Sun. @ 9:15am 

YOUTH CHURCH                                         3rd and 4th Sun.@ 10:30am

Youth Staff Meeting                                    3rd Sat in ea. quarter                                    

AUDIO MINISTRY                                       n/a

MISSION                                                   Wed. @ 6:00pm except 4th wed (no mtg)

MIME'S Ministry                                         n/a

Praise Dance Ministry                                 n/a

Ladies volleyball